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QuestBridge grants Opportunities

Sarah Khorasi, Staff Writers

With college applications approaching deadlines, seniors here at Parkview are no doubt looking for potential scholarships. One such program with high prestige is known as...  Read More »

Dec 5

Trump brings an unpredictable future

Anika Akbar, Opinions Editor

Viewers all across the world watched as the results from the election piled in. Following possibly the dirtiest campaigning between both candidates since 1828, businessman...  Read More »

Dec 5

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Girls touchdown on Powderpuff

Girls touchdown on Powderpuff

Anika Akbar, Opinion Editor

       The crowd roared as players ran across the field, scoring the final touchdown.  It was tough, but the team achieved another win. Subsequently, the crowd looked ...  Read More »

Oct 31

Outplay, outwork, outlast: Parkview lacrosse

Micaiah L'Heureux, Sports Columnist

The second semester is in full swing and that means one thing: Lacrosse season is back at Parkview. Parkview’s boys and girls teams are in completely different situations...  Read More »

Apr 19

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Stay on your side of the hallway

Meagan Gabrielson, Sports Editor

Everyone knows those people who refuse to walk on the right side of the hallway, and they are the most annoying people ever....  Read More »

Dec 2

Girls just want to have fundamental human rights

Marie Stanford, Business Manager

If one takes a trip back in time, one can see that women have come very far in the fight for equality. They have ascended...  Read More »

Oct 25

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Allegiant receives mixed results from fans

Allegiant receives mixed results from fans

Harmela Assefa, Staff writer

The Divergent trilogy by Veronica Roth has flown off shelves, and their blockbuster counterparts have made millions in revenue. The most recent movie of the series to be released...  Read More »

Oct 25

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Daily Updates

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Parkview Performing Arts presents "Into the Woods" - Thursday, Friday and Saturday at 7:30pm, Sunday at 2:30pm.

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Girls defeat Central 40-37. Boys tipoff in 15 minutes.

Congratulation to senior Adele Henderson - she has received a NROTC scholarship and will attend Auburn University - War Eagle!!

Congratulations to senior Jahi Hamilton - he is a semifinalist for the Coca-Cola Scholars Program Scholarship.

Scores from the November 5th SAT test administration have been posted. Check your @CollegeBoard account to see how much you improved!!

Basketball splits with Meadowcreek - Girls win 39 - 25; tough loss for the Boys, 50-49. Next game Friday at home vs. Berkmar.

Congratulations to our All-County Cross Country runners: Christian Corsello (1st Team), David Michael(2nd Team) and Jamie Freeman(2nd Team).

Thanks to Mrs. Morrow and our drama students for their community service.

Twitter Media

Final score: McEachern 47 Parkview 29. Thanks for a great season.

End of the 3rd quarter: McEachern 33 Parkview 17

Halftime score: McEachern 24 Parkview 9

McEachern 14 Parkview 6 at the end of the 1st quarter.

Congratulations to Amir Harris on his commitment to Troy University for Track & Field.…

Good luck to @parkviewbasketb as the Panthers travel to Creekside to tip off the season. Girls @ 6:00pm, Boys @ 7:30pm.

Final score: Parkview 30 South Forsyth 27

End of the 3rd quarter: South Forsyth 27 Parkview 22

Halftime score: South Forsyth 14 Parkview 8

End of the 1st quarter. South Forsyth 7 Parkview 0

The student news site of Parkview High School
The student news site of Parkview High School