The Heart of Fundraising


Photo courtesy of Parkview DECA.

The busiest place on Valentine’s Day, after the florists, might be the cafeteria at your local high school. As Valentine’s Day approaches, many Parkview High School clubs have begun to promote fundraising initiatives for charities or club costs in the spirit of love. 

Valentine’s day grams are a yearly tradition for students and great fundraising opportunities for clubs. At Parkview, clubs like DECA, Medical United, and NEHS sponsor Valentine Grams with their gift choice. In addition, Valentine’s day grams were available for students in the cafeteria who wanted to give their close friends or significant others a small present without preparing anything. “Everyone likes to get one,” said Parkview senior Khushi Panjwani. “It doesn’t matter who it’s from.” 

The newly founded Medical United club came together to sell candy grams for $1 in the cafeteria. Their gift in choice is a fun-size chocolate bar with a cute label of the receiver’s name. All of their proceeds will be donated to a Cancer Research Institute in honor of February being National Cancer Prevention Month. Medical United President Roman Thomas proclaimed, “I am so happy to donate towards cancer research as it is such a prevalent disease, and I wholeheartedly believe every dollar matters.” They sold their candy grams from February 9th-11th and delivered them with the help of their members on February 14th.

National English Honor Society (NEHS) and Letters for Rose partnered together on selling handwritten poem grams with an addition of one piece of candy. They set up their station in the cafeteria by the pizza line to sell these creative Valentine grams for $1. The buyer had the option to choose from a template provided by NEHS, but they also had the opportunity to handwrite their own letter. “The purpose of these Valentine’s day grams was for people that wanted to show appreciation toward their loved ones,” NEHS Officer Tehut Andagachew stated. “If they didn’t know what to prepare for them, we help out by delivering a poem along with a candy for just one dollar.” Letters for Rose members aided NEHS in supplying volunteers to sell the poem grams from February 9th-11th. NEHS fundraised money for the betterment of their club. 

With the support of many students, DECA decided to sell their famous school store cookies as their choice of Valentine Grams. The freshly baked school store cookies have been notorious for their crumbling softness and chocolate’s ability to melt on an individual’s tongue. DECA had students pre-order the cookie grams in the school store for $2 from February 7th-11th. The DECA officers delivered the treats on February 14th. Their proceeds will go to the National DECA Fundraiser, Reach Out And Read (ROAR), which aims to encourage young children to read by incorporating books in pediatric care. 

Students will be happy to receive at least one from their significant other or friends with the multitude of clubs that sold Valentine Grams. In addition, the fundraising efforts performed by these clubs make Valentine’s season just a little bit sweeter.