Parkview DECA Maximizes their Momentum at State Competition


Photo courtesy of Parkview DECA.

Hyatt Regency Atlanta hosted this year’s DECA State Career Development Conference on January 27-29th. Parkview DECA had 40 competitors represent them at State, with the following 25 place in their event, which moved them forward to the International Career Development Conference (ICDC) on April 23-26th. 

1st Place

Business Operations Research: Simran Mohanty, Khushi Panjwani, Amy Wen

Buying & Merchandising Operations Research: Himani Patel and Kylie Smart

Hospitality and Tourism Operations Research: Pheobe Bezabih, Abi Debebe, Tanvi Dhuri

Marketing Management Team Decision Making: Shreya Dudeja and Waleed Ibrahim

Startup Business Plan: Noah Campbell and Saddiq Rupani

 2nd Place

Community Awareness Project: Samita Samnani and Aleena Ukani

3rd Place

Business Solutions Project: Anjali Ganapathiraju and Tia Gupta

4th Place

Financial Consulting: Jack McKenna

Sports and Entertainment Marketing Team Decision Making: Jaimie Chen and Daphney Talekar

5th Place

Independent Business Plan: Reeya Gurung, Mahek Jariya, Asfa Karim 

6th Place

Buying & Merchandising Team Decision Making: Mariana Padilla and Kathleen Reyes

7th Place

Principles of Finance: Henney Wu

DECA prepares emerging leaders and entrepreneurs in marketing, finance, hospitality, and management. According to Georgia DECA, they are the third-largest DECA chartered association globally with over 13,000 members and 151 middle school and high school chapters across the state.

Competition preparation began in late October as DECA competitors needed to start their written presentations or practice roleplaying business scenarios. Roleplay is a competitive event where competitors get a business scenario with objectives and have a limited time to create a presentation concerning the scenario. Individuals are given a ‘case study’ with attached ‘performance indicators’ to focus their presentation. Parkview senior Waleed Ibrahim stated, “I don’t enjoy making a 20-page report. I would rather think on my feet and present my ideas in that way.” 

A manual is another competitive event where students must prepare an in-depth presentation, starting weeks or months before the actual competition. Competitors will then be given 15 minutes to perform an oral presentation of their ideas. “I don’t do well with public speaking if I am not prepared,” Parkview sophomore Anjali Ganapathiraju said, “I enjoy taking the time to research thoroughly for my event.” 

DECA sponsors, Millicent Henson and Leslie McHann, organized ‘Competition Wednesdays,’ where competitors must attend a competition meeting every Wednesday after school. Mrs. Henson reports feeling a necessity to have a consistent meeting date each week. “These meetings allow for a clear communication between competitors and SCDC organizers,” said Henson.

The competition officers within DECA present a PowerPoint to the competitors regarding event information, instructions on preparation, or details pertaining to the type of competitive event they choose. Then, after months of weekly meetings and preparation, the competitors are ready to show off their hard work. 

Upon arrival at the Hyatt Regency Atlanta, many DECA competitors have a night to relax and prepare for their event the next day. They attended an opening ceremony on Thursday night, where they were awarded many recognitions for their DECA chapter. Parkview DECA won several national awards, including Thrive Level in Chapter Campaigns and Level in Promotional and Community Service. State recognition included the 8th largest Georgia Chapter with over 200 members. The School-Based Enterprise (School Store) received the highest DECA distinction of Gold Certification. 

DECA competitors also can have a night of fun after the Opening Ceremony; they can attend the Silent Disco where they dance to music with all their friends, making new ones in the process. Silent Disco allows competitors to relax and loosen up while showing how fun and interactive DECA can be. “At first, I was weirded out with Silent Disco,” DECA senior competitor Amy Wen said, “but I found out how fun it was to dance with all my friends while laughing at them.” 

After an enjoyable night, DECA competitors reach the point where they must show how well they have prepared for their event. Friday is competition day, where all the students are allotted a specific time to compete in their event. At the competition, students participate through a written presentation by completing a manual or a business scenario in which they roleplay, which industry professionals then judge. The students are then recognized the morning after during the award ceremony. Parkview senior competitor Aleena Ukani rejoiced over her second-place recognition. “When I heard my name on the stage, I felt complete relief and excitement. I was so excited to hold that trophy,” said Ukani. 

During this conference, role play and manual competitors demonstrated their extensive business and marketing knowledge. Role play competitors showed their on-demand business skills, while manual competitors presented their projects to judges. 

Congratulations to all 40 competitors! This was an exceptional competition season for Parkview DECA.