Technology in Parkview Classes, Change from Online


Photo taken By Lauren Blunck

Senior Corinne Blunck doing school work at home on a digital day.

Classes at Parkview have changed their use of technology after a year of being online.

Mrs. Duncan, an art teacher at Parkview who personally struggled with being online, tells of her experience. “It was very hard. I had to learn a whole new set of skills with doing zoom and google classroom. Just keeping everything online, and how I structured my lessons even to make it really accessible to every single student. ‘Cause, a lot of kids were at home for art lessons so we had to make projects that students could do at home or in class.”

Students have conflicting opinions on being online. Sophomore Ruby Darku says she liked being online, “Yeah, it was fun to let myself make my own schedule. I also got the best grades that year.” Another sophomore, Savannah Vess, said, “I enjoyed sleeping more but I did not enjoy the classes more.”

Specific problems Mrs.Duncan had in her classes include, “The biggest issue is students not turning things in online and not reading through assignments and directions. So they still really do better when there is a teacher explaining everything and showing them how to do everything… I just think the kids get more out of it when we’re together.”

Vess tells of the main issue she had and states, “I couldn’t turn things in all the time as teachers did not know how to post the stuff correctly and then they didn’t tell us anything.” The connection between students and teachers became strained due to the physical distance and technology did not entirely fill that void.

However, being online has its benefits, especially now that students are in person once more. “This year we do zoom meeting for special meeting for work, so that is helpful. I use google classroom and eCLASS for quizzes and more online stuff really,” Mrs. Duncan comments.

This has greatly affected students in both negative and positive manners. Darku describes one of the positive benefits in her statement, “They are trying to integrate last year into this year. Most of my teachers have two assignments, a digital copy and a physical copy so we can pick which one we want to do.” She also looks at the opposing side, “This year, as we are transitioning from online to in-person people are still in the mindset that they can just cheat their way into an A so they don’t really turn stuff in.”

Last year online school was hard for everyone, but now the benefits of the experience are improving in-person classes.