AP classes aren’t as hard as some think

Zoe Flores, Staff Writer

Every High School student experiences at some point in their high school career a large amount of stress due to hard classes, such as Advanced Placement classes. Many Advanced Placement students argue AP classes are too hard and should be easier. The main argument for why Advanced Placement classes are so hard is the intensive workload students have. Another argument is that AP assessments are much harder than honor or College Prep assessments. However, AP classes are intended to mirror a college class and in reality are not as hard as students perceive they are. The primary argument for why Advanced Placement classes are so hard is the intensive workload. Students forget to take into that they are taking a college level class, so the workload is supposed to be more intense than a CP or honors class. Students know before taking an AP class what they are getting themselves into. If one cannot handle the workload of an AP class, then they should make adjustments to their work style or not even take AP classes. If an ap class didn’t have a high workload it wouldn’t really be an ap class because ap classes are supposed to mirror a college class. This means it must challenge the student. Many students also procrastinate a lot and end up doing the work the night before it’s due or the day it is due. If one is doing a project that was supposed to be done over a two week period in one night, then it is gonna feel like an intense workload. Students that procrastinate are making AP classes harder on themselves then it should be. Students that take multiple AP classes at once complain about having an insane workload. However, these students agreed to take multiple APs at once and shouldn’t be shocked by the extra work they’re going to have to do. They have plenty of warning about the work they will have to do to thrive in an AP class, so the intense workload should not be a surprise. The workload in an AP class is used to challenge the students, so it does not make an AP class too hard. Another argument on why AP classes are so hard is that the tests are very challenging. Ap tests are supposed to be challenging because they are supposed to be very similar to the AP test students take for that class in May. If students aren’t taking tests that are as challenging as the AP test is going to be, they are not being properly prepared for the exam in May. Furthermore, the tests are curved or allowed to have test corrections. It’s not like students are doing horribly on these tests with no form of compensation for it being so hard. AP tests aren’t supposed to be easy because they are supposed to challenge students. Students are taking a class that can count as college credit. The tests can’t be as simple as a College Prep or honors test because it is supposed to reflect that it is a college level course. AP classes are not too hard because they are supposed to be like college classes. Students tend to forget this at times when they are stressed in multiple classes. AP classes can seem less hard if students don’t procrastinate on their work and study properly for their tests. If a student can’t handle an AP class then maybe it isn’t the class for them.