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Parkview High School seniors battle stringent exemption rules

Alyssa Guo created a petition on to protest the exam exemption policy.

Sania Chandrani, Editor-in-Chief

February 26, 2015

Graduation looms a mere three months in the future, and seniors around Parkview are anxious to don their caps and gowns through the graduation procession, into their cars, and out of the lately crowded parking lots for the first and final time. Hold on. Rewind a few days. Turns out, before seniors...

From A’s to Zzzzzz’s: Parkview students suffer from sleep deprivation

Amy Pan, Staff Writer

October 15, 2013

6:30 A.M. The early-morning sky is still dark with the bluish tint of dawn, clinging on to the last remaining bits of night. The sun has not yet risen, but hundreds of weary high-school teenagers have begun to make their way through the dimly-lit overpasses and stark white hallways of Parkview. Some...

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