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Gifted Learning: different, not better

Sania Chandrani, Editor-in-Chief

December 7, 2014

Starting at age five, students can take tests that will separate them from their peers. If a kindergarten student scores exceptionally, he is ushered into a new cohort of students who also scored well. This is the Gifted program. Gifted used to be classified as a form of special education because of...

Goodbye, high school; hello, reality

Five seniors who have committed to Tech sported their Georgia Tech outfits on College Day of Spirit Week.

Sania Chandrani and Amy Pan

May 7, 2014

“Summer, summer, summer,” Parkview’s student body murmurs just 13 days from the end of the school year. For many seniors, only 10 days remain, and with AP exam days, perhaps even fewer. As the year comes to a close, many seniors cement their 4-year college plans while others plan to attend vocational...

Quality over quantity: history education in high school

Sania Chandrani, News Editor

October 10, 2013

A mountain of notes and chapters upon chapters of reading have been a problem throughout high school for many students. “What’s the point?” we ask ourselves every time we sit down and cram facts and figures into our brain. The list of names starts to get a little blurry, and my ten pound textbook...

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