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Doyle Wang
Doyle Wang is a junior at Parkview High School and is plugged into news going on inside and outside of Parkview. As an academically active student of his school, Doyle has been involved in extracurricular activities such as DECA, Academic Decathlon, Beta club, National Latin Honor Society, and the Parkview Marching Band. He has expanded his participation in those activities by competing in DECA events and earning his place in the 2014 DECA ICDC as well as participating in gladiator fights held by Parkview’s National Latin Honor Society.

Doyle has also been involved in the community outside of Parkview since he is tightly plugged into the news going on outside of Parkview, usually in the political arena. He worked as an intern for Rep. Jack Kingston’s US Senate campaign in Georgia during the eight weeks leading up to the July 22nd GOP primary run-off, and he currently is a volunteer for the Gwinnett County Republican Party and is working for them to help Gov. Nathan Deal, David Perdue, and the rest of the Republican ticket win in Georgia in the upcoming midterm elections in November.

Doyle is a very aspirational person who enjoys learning. He likes to expand his knowledge of technology and history. He hopes to go to Georgia Tech when he graduates, where he plans to get his undergraduate degree and is considering majoring in either industrial engineering or civil engineering and then go on to either Princeton or Harvard to major in business.

Doyle has visited Washington DC three times. He first visited the capital along with his family during their vacation, and has traveled the last two times as a participant of the Close Up program. Though our nation’s capital has been his favorite travel destination in America, he also traveled to places outside of the United States such as Germany and Italy. He still wishes to visit our nation’s capital in the future to visit other places he hasn’t visited in DC such as the Holocaust Museum and the National Archives.

During his scarce free time, Doyle simply enjoys relaxing, surfing through the Internet, and playing video games on his PC.

As part of his learning experience, Doyle believes in striving for excellence and focusing on hard work. One of his favorite quotes is:

“If you just set out to be liked, you would be prepared to compromise on anything at any time and you would achieve nothing.”

-Margaret Thatcher

Doyle Wang, Staff Writer

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Doyle Wang