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Karen is a relatively aloof senior who spends her time drawing (digitally and traditionally) and writing strange short stories for friends. When not with her sketchpad and pencil, chances are that she's attempting to play the piano or absentmindedly reading a YA novel. She can commonly be seen eating one of her favorite dishes, scrambled eggs and tomatoes with rice. She also dislikes traveling (its a hassle), but enjoys the beach and exploring meadows and forests, primarily for the flowers. She can be rather snippy, judgmental, and unemphatic around most strangers. However, she can become a lot more gregarious and open around friends. Competition is the life and blood of her motivation: winning is what matters the most. Whether it be a school competition, or just getting the best grades in the class, count on her to try her best to outshine the rest. Unfortunately, her best isn't always good enough- but that's another story.

Karen Ye, Editor in Chief

Mar 16, 2018
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