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Jenny Nguyen
0Jenny Nguyen is currently a senior at Parkview High School and has been a journalist on the Pantera staff for three years. As a shy, guarded introvert, she does not usually endeavor to enter any social circles and rather revels in the privacy of her mind. As a deep thinker, she seldom likes to engage in petty conversation and will often times tire from extensive pursuits of small-talk. Although she is not socially ambitious or notable, she still enjoys time spent with friends and family. Her musical preferences include Maroon 5, Paramore, and Owl City, although her tastes are not too particular. She also loves food, writing, and YouTube, all in which she unhealthily indulges. Writing serves as an important medium through which Jenny can communicate her thoughts, and she believes that journalism will serve as a fun means of honing her craft. Her endless curiosity and introspection are features that distinguish her from most.

Jenny Nguyen, Copy Editor

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