Nia Embry: The Little Things Are Part of the Ensemble

I met Nia Embry a year ago, and through the year I got to know who she was as a person and learned what drew her to Newspaper. She took this class because she was interested in pursuing a journalism career, and though she is now undecided, she still enjoys the class and writing for the school newspaper The Pantera. Nia found out about the class her freshman year from the former newspaper teacher Mrs. Campbell. “She came in with a flyer and was advertising for the class and I was heavily interested in journalism at the time so I got the flyer pretty urgently.”

Nia has a strong passion for forensic science, which is why for her future she plans to become a forensic psychologist; she believes that job title is the best fit for her right now. Even though the newspaper has put no emphasis on her future plans, it has helped her become a better writer and to be more confident in her skills now compared to when she first started out.

Trust and honesty are two values Nia holds close to her heart for how they are the foundation of a great and stable relationship. Her values tie into her faith as she is a Christian. So for her, “as long as there is trust and honesty, there is a good relationship.”

Nia has not lived in the Parkview community her whole life like a lot of the other students have. She actually lived in the Dekalb school district for most of her life, from Preschool to 7th grade. She attended Rock Chapel Elementary for a year then went to Wynbrooke to finish out the rest of elementary school. But when it came to middle school Nia jumped around a lot until she found her fit at Dekalb Elementary School of the Arts. The school only went through 7th grade, so after that she was homeschooled for 8th grade, and then moved to Parkview for the rest of her school career.

She has dealt with a few life-changing situations, but the one that stuck out to her occurred in middle school. Nia went to a predominantly black elementary school, “ I was surrounded by people who had the same views and backgrounds as me,” but as she went to middle school, she learned about different races, backgrounds, sexual orientations, and the stories of others around her. She felt as if she had only seen a small part of the world, and wanted to open her eyes to the rest of the world, and for her community to resemble the diversity of the world.

Outside of school Nia indulges in the joys of ice skating and volleyball as recreational activities. Though she is not a competitive person, she prefers to do those activities for fun rather than being a competitor for those sports. Nia also has fun during her free time playing video games, watching television, and occasionally painting her nails. When Nia is not at school or having fun during her free time she works as a tutor and is a babysitter for several clients. With that, she has to balance the philosophy club, of which she is vice president.

Nia is just like everyone else in that she gets stressed a lot of the time, but she has her ways of coping with it. “I just try to get my mind off of it. If I feel it is hitting a point that I might not be able to come back from I take a break when I’m cooled down.” Something she is trying to work on is her procrastination because she is immensely bad at trying to make herself do work on time or setting earlier due dates than the one already set. Just like the rest of the world, Nia has been trying to get through the emotionally draining quarantine by focusing on herself more with exercising every day, eating healthier, playing video games, and reading non-fiction books. What she misses most is having a sense of normal life and being able to see her friends on a regular basis. She despises having to wipe everything and having to be careful when leaving the house so she doesn’t bring the virus back home to her loved ones.

Nia is someone who dislikes messy and unorganized situations because she was raised organized. But she likes the small joys of life like jewelry and stationary because to her they are accessories that “play a bigger role than people would like to think. Sure they’re small, but in truth they’re big parts of the ensemble.” There’s one thing that Nia wants to believe is important and that is to do what makes you happy, as long as you’re not hurting others, and accepting others for their differences.