An Inside Look of this High School Teen-a

Known for her tough and sassy exterior, Tina Dong is a junior at Parkview High School who has more than just boba tea on her mind. You can catch her making jokes in class or even find her playing Roblox at home– which by the way, she claims “is for all ages” and she stands by that. She has never been one to take circumstances to heart because she believes that not everything should be taken seriously. But when it is time to be serious, she knows what she wants and will go to get it. One of the guiding beliefs Tina lives her life by is that fate is not real because she “doubts there is a higher power that determines our future or what we do.” She believes that every single choice you make is a product of your will and determination. There is no waiting around for destiny to take you to where you need to go, Tina strictly believes we make our own destiny.

And it is clear enough that Tina does not need to rely on any concept of destiny either. She is passionate to make her future successful. Tina puts her all in the work she does, especially as a high school student. But this was not always the case- as a child, Tina “got accustomed to never having to try” (Do I hear Child genius?). But upon entering high school and her life toughening up, she found herself “having to put in more effort.” She worked to adapt to high school demands and puts in more effort in order to earn her grades today.

Yet, a struggle still remains for Tina. Sometimes she finds herself being inconsistent with a class or a hobby, quitting when something becomes too difficult, so, like other more academic classes, Newspaper is still a struggle for her. But what separates Newspaper from everything else for Tina is that it’s a class she truly enjoys. To her, “there isn’t a single class I like at school, but Newspaper is a place where I can write about things I’m passionate about, and that’s something I love doing.” Not to mention the adventurous trips Ms. Campbell always planned for the students. She has a passion for Newspaper because she has met people she would never have otherwise thought to be friends with. Every year, she meets new people she can grow and learn from, and most importantly, laugh with. 

Her interest in student publications actually started years ago, beginning in her 8th-grade year from joining Yearbook. She enjoyed it so much because of the constant classroom interaction and the freedom of being able to move and work around the school. When High school rolled around, she picked up Newspaper to learn and practice to become a better writer and to experience these same benefits of a publication class. Her contributions to Newspaper are guided by the belief of simply listening to others. Tina believes in living your life with an open mindset. She is always willing to listen because she believes “everyone has something to contribute, no matter how small or how big what they have to give is.” To her, Newspaper Class will progress and staff members will work better if we continue to listen to others and never force personal ideas onto others. Tina has been an asset to Newspaper for two years strong already, with two more years to go!