Bella Maradiaga: Finding a solution even in the hard times

Like many students, quarantine was a struggle for the end of the previous school year and the summer, as it put a halt on many plans of both students, teachers, and staff alike. But for Bella, she managed to make her quarantine experience one that worked around such troubles. Bella Arianna Maradiaga is a student at Parkview who is starting her junior year and expresses her struggles amongst COVID-19.

“I mostly worked out, read books, spent time with my family, painted and watched Netflix,” she claimed. Even though it became difficult to see friends more often she mentions how she was safe with masks and hand sanitizers when taking precautions with meeting friends and coordinating their meetings. She did not let the virus ruin her summer and managed to find the bright side of living in the middle of this pandemic. She believes that her happiness is something that has great value to her because as she states, “it doesn’t matter what my life is or whatever happens I just want to be happy with the life I’m living.”

Maradiaga was born on July 19, 2004, and was raised in Georgia. She recalls, “my parents and I went back to New York after I was born for like 3 months and then we came back to Georgia.” She has always been a part of this school district, she added: “my parents were told to look in this area when looking for houses, that Parkview was a good school to go to.” Maradiaga is the youngest in her family as she has two older brothers, D’Angelo and Alvaro who are both 20 years old. One is adopted and the other is blood-related. Religiously, her family does not attend church often but they do identify as Catholic.

In her school life, Bella is a student who has been part of the Parkview Pantera Newspaper Staff for two years now. She is also the business manager. She found out about the class through our previous Advisor, Mrs. Heidi Campbell. She emphasized, “I took this class because I had already taken Literary Magazine [another class Campbell advises/teaches] with Mrs. Campbell and I knew at the time I wanted to go into the writing field, so I thought it would be good to be well rounded [for college admissions] and to take a newspaper class.” She was offered to switch over from Literary Magazine to Newspaper and she gladly accepted. Her dream school is New York University and she plans to study film and marketing. In addition to being the business manager of the Pantera, she is also the social media advisor of the philosophy club and a member of the HoPe club.

Maradiaga can be described as an out-going and caring person. But, she is not afraid to be a very outspoken person, she asserts, “I think we live in a world that should be more Progressive than it is and that we shouldn’t be having the same problems from like 60 years ago. I think I may seem quiet at first but once you get to know me I’m funny and weird.” Like anyone, she experiences stress and copes with it by reading, and working out through sports such as boxing or soccer “to let my anger out,” she quotes.

She is currently working on her bad habit of putting too much pressure on herself as she says, “I put a lot of pressure on myself to make sure I am doing everything right and not making any mistakes but I am working on it.” She dislikes people who are rude and ignorant but enjoys hanging out with her friends and small things like stationery, and going on early or late night drives, because she states, “I just like how peaceful it is and how it feels and then listening to music and then drinking tea while getting ready, it’s really the little things.”