Alice Guzman: The Show that Brought Passion

Thinking back to why Alice became a writer, there are two main components: her passion for writing and Gilmore Girls.  Most teenagers think about a childhood cartoon or sitcom that brings back comical or happy memories, but not many would credit a television show with inspiring our academic or career aspirations. To continue, Alice Guzman is just like most young people. She has a favorite color and food —  gray and Chinese. However, Alice is unique in her passion for writing, and her love for language arts is what led her to take journalism. That passion was inspired by Gilmore Girls.
Alice grew up watching the tv show Gilmore girls, and the show’s protagonist Rory talked often about Journalism and writing. This sparked Alice’s interest and started to turn the wheels in her brain. As she watched, the show would go in-depth about journalism.

Along with this, the show speaks about a certain celebrity Christiane Amanpour. Later on Alice learned more about Ms. Amanpour and what she does. Christiane is a British-Iranian journalist and a television host. She was one of the leading war reporters of the late twentieth and twenty-first century. After seeing what Christiane did for a living, Alice was intrigued and now looks to follow in her footsteps. Christiane Amanpour is one of the few celebrities Alice Guzman looks up to. Without a doubt, Christiane influences Alice everyday and makes Alice work harder to become a better journalist.

Alice is a young student with many amazing qualities, but her strongest motivation in life is her family. When asked about her family she said, “I definitely value my family over everything. They are the main reason I do anything and everything.” One way Alice demonstrates her admiration and love for her family is by celebrating her parents on birthdays and holidays like Mother’s Day and Father’s Day.  She even goes out of her way to buy them things, no matter the cost. She explains, “they deserve it you know. That’s not even close to what I have in mind as far as giving back; I plan to give them more in the future.” 

 When asked about why she wanted to be in this journalism class, Alice said, “I’ve always liked writing, and journalism seemed like the right fit for me, and I was right!” She went on to explain that she prefers writing over a math equation any day. 

Additionally, Alice says one of the main reasons she stayed in this class is not only her passion but also speaking with her classmates. She not only loves talking with them about journalism, but also catching up with them, learning more about them, and seeing how they are doing. 

Equally important, she uses her friends as her competitors. She states: “I’m not gonna lie. They are a lot smarter than me, so I want to catch up with them.”  Alice has to work extraordinarily hard for her grades. She studies for an inordinate amount of time and does extra work to maintain her grades. She uses her classmates as motivation each day, and by doing this she pushes herself to become an extraordinary writer.  

Alice Guzman says this class really connects to her. She loves it, and she has also met many great mentors and friends while in the class. Ultimately, she can’t see herself doing one job for the rest of her life, but she does truly hope that writing is a part of her future.