Players View On Cross Country Season Ending


Photo courtesy of Parkview's Cross Country Facebook Page.

Genevieve Duffield running during the Spartan Classic 2021 meet.

Players reflect as Parkview’s 2021 cross country season comes to an end.

After the last game on Saturday the thirteenth, two members of the cross country team, Lilian Tinker (11th) and Vialy Bautista (12th), have shared their thoughts on the past year. 

Tinker looks forward to next year: “(I) will definitely be continuing for my final senior year. I’m so excited and lucky to have one more season.”

“As cheesy as it sounds, my biggest priority is to push myself as far as I can while still having fun. If the numbers work out in my favor too, that’s great too!” Tinker comments.

Bautista, who is a senior, experienced her first and only year in cross country. She describes how she wished she had joined sooner. 

Bautista states, “First coming into cross country my goal was to try my best and that’s what I did. I made it to state and traveled to Alabama to race. I PR’d almost every time at every race and that has always been my goal.” She focused on improvement and she achieved that, just as the rest of the team did as seen by their results. 

But it wasn’t always easy. Bautista describes some of her hardest moments, “Basically, every race cross country offered this year, all I have to say about every race is ‘this really freaking hurt; God should’ve taken me at that point.’” 

However, this struggle is what made the experience so great. Bautista declared, “We all encourage each other in both our workouts and races and that’s what I love about this team. Including the coaches, everyone supports each other no matter what. Why? because we all know we’re dying.” The comradery created by the common negative experience made the team stronger.

This close team was one of the best things about being in cross country. “They are so supportive and encouraging but at the same time know how to strike the balance between work and play.” Tinker expresses similar thoughts, “They are truly some of the most inspirational adults I know and Coach King, Demarest, and Michael deserve all the praise they get.” 

Bautista agrees with Tinker as she describes how she changed. “They all made me a better person and runner, they also got me out of my shell a lot more. I’m going to miss this team so much, I wish I ran with them earlier in my high school career. It was so fun running with them, dying with them, crying with them, and smiling with them, both the team and the coaches.” 

Overall, both players agree that cross country this year was a huge positive experience for them. Now students must consider if perhaps next year they should experience it for themselves and join cross country in 2022.