Athletes On The Rise

Young girl basketball players with talent are on the rise and should get their recognition.


Lideya Mullualem

The new Parkview girl’s basketball team is starting off strong at the basketball season kickoff event.

The Parkview girl’s basketball team has young athletes with exceptional talent to look out for this upcoming season in late October/early November. The athletes featured in this article are the face of Parkview sports. The young athletes will impact the sport and the audience/crowd with their infectious energy and great playing. These are unique players who each have their own unique stories. 

Girls on the Parkview basketball team are coming back even better than before. These athletes are fighting for their spot on the team, and make sure they’re something for people to see. After speaking to girl’s basketball player Shantel Frazier (10th), I was able to learn more about the Parkview team. “ I bring a unique energy to the team that other teams may not have.” She also shares that she is extremely confident in both her own and her team’s ability to make it to the playoffs. Shantel also lets us know who we should be on the lookout for this upcoming season “Tanbrence Berry, Kennedi Benson, and Jaden Cooper.” She goes on to comment on the vast difference in recognition between the girls’ and boys’ teams. “It’s not fair that the girls’ team is sometimes overlooked but we will continue to work hard to show we are something to see.” 

Girl’s teams in many sports have been overlooked in past years and presently. For example, when someone asks you: “Who is your favorite basketball player,” do you automatically answer with a men’s player?  There are small key differences in the sport of basketball when it comes to men vs women. In the WNBA, each quarter is 10 minutes whilst in the NBA each quarter is 12 minutes. The revenue for the NBA is $7.4 billion while the revenue for the WNBA is $60 million. The highest-paid player in the NBA is paid $40 million while the highest-paid player in the WNBA is paid $113,500. This is a drastic difference that is seen on a large scale such as the national league but is also present at the high school level. These girls’ on the Parkview basketball team are who to look out for in the upcoming season.