Parkview Varsity Volleyball Falls To Rival


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Parkview volleyball recently fell to its well-known rival, Brookwood, in a region game the night of Tuesday September 21st.

Parkview and Brookwood are no strangers to each other when it comes to sports. Whether the two schools face off in football, basketball, softball, or even volleyball, it’s always a tough match. The ongoing animosity between them has been a long time occurrence.

The most recent tough matchup between them was when the two school’s varsity volleyball teams had the opportunity to play against each other at the Brookwood basketball gym. Brookwood lost two sets to Parkview before coming up with the win in five sets. The scores for each set were: 23-25, 25-23, 20-25, 25-23, 18-16 

(Parkview is the score in bold and Brookwood is in italics)

As previously mentioned, the game was a region game, which would go on to determine both team’s region records. The loss caused Parkview to have a region record of 1-1, and Brookwood to improve to a 2-0 record.

Looking at this game from the perspective of a player who is new to the varsity level, sophomore Jessica Samal gives her thoughts on the loss. “Honestly we were kind of unhappy about who we lost to because of the big rivalry against Parkview and Brookwood, but even if we would’ve lost against any other team we still would’ve been unhappy.” 

When asked more about the game Jessica stated, “The intensity of the game definitely had a huge impact on how we played because the adrenaline of wanting to beat Brookwood made us focus, and play to our full abilities. We hustled to get every ball, bettered the ball, and even if we were on the bench were cheering after every point we earned.”

Jessica’s teammate, who is also a new player to the varsity level, sophomore Ainsley Gardner shared similar beliefs with her on the game. “The game definitely had lots of intensity. There was so much competition just because it was Brookwood who is one of the best teams in the region, so competing against them was really fun. The intensity affected how good we played on the court. Their intensity plus our intensity made it a very loud gym.”

Despite losing to Brookwood being the last thing that the team wanted, they were still very proud of how hard they played and fought. The outcome may have not been what they wanted, but Ainsley says, “We didn’t leave there saying we played bad.” And Jessica also says, “We played hard, pushed to five sets and only lost by two at the end.”

In conclusion, the team isn’t too upset about the loss, and there are still plenty of matchups between them and Brookwood to come up in the near future such as the game coming up October 6th at Brookwood!