Disney+ New Feel-Good Sports Movie “Safety”


Safety, Disney’s brand new feel good sports movie is based on the true story of former Clemson athlete, Ray McElrathbey, and his younger brother Fahmarr. Their mother struggled with addiction and was put into rehab. This left Fahmarr with no guardian which means he would be put into foster care. Even though Ray was extremely busy with school and football he took his brother in despite the consequences that could come with it from his team and the NCAA. 

Like every other sports movie there is some kind of burden that is put on the team or the main character and in the end they overcome it. This movie is different from other sports movies because of the way the writers developed the relationship between Ray and Fahmarr from brotherly to a father and son relationship. They bantered about silly things that the average brothers would argue about  in the beginning.  Then as Ray and Fahmarr grew together with the help of their community and friends, he developed a sacrificial love for Fahmarr.

The setting of the movie is Clemson University in South Carolina. The movie is based in  2006, and the campus looks extremely modern and new. While I believe they are trying to live up to the  clemson aesthetic, It looks like it was filmed at Clemson’s current facilities. This is something that any sports fan will notice solely based on the funding they have received for their athletic program after winning 2 National Championships in the last 4 years. It just doesn’t seem realistic to me that they would have the same dining hall in 2006 and 2020. All around I felt the movie was based in 2018 not 2006. Something that I love about stories from the past is seeing the style and old infrastructure and I felt like I was missing it during the movie.

Overall I liked Safety and I would recommend watching it if you are interested in sports but if you aren’t I would say this movie isn’t for you especially if you have no background knowledge about NCAA policies. I give this movie a 7/10 stars.