PHS Basketball

Monica Mohamed, Staff Writer

       As of this November, high school basketball season has officially started. Parkview’s boys varsity team’s first game of the 2019-2020 season was on November 12 against Rockdale County. This game started off the season with an amazing win. Sadly, the game 4 days later against Cedar Shoals was lost by only a difference of 5 points. In the next game against Dacula, Parkview gained more points in the second and fourth quarters but still ended this game with a sad loss.

      So far this season we have taken home 5 losses and 3 wins, but we shouldn’t be discouraged as we have many more games before this season is over. The next game Parkview has as of December 6 takes place on December 7 against John’s Creek. This is a neutral non-conference game. 

     The biggest loss we’ve taken is with the game between Norcross. This was Parkview’s most recent game this season. The score for this game is 74-66. Parkview took the loss with an 8-point difference. Norcross so far this season has played 7 games and taken wins home in all of them. Many Parkview fans before the game were very pessimistic about this game, but the Panther athletes did not let this affect them during the game and brought in 66 points. 

    Now moving on to the JV, junior varsity team in Parkview. So far JV has had 6 games this 2019-2020 season. Our first game this season was on November 9th against Duluth. This game ended with an enormous win with the score being 84-64, a 20-point difference. Just like Parkview’s varsity team, the second game ended with a loss. Parkview played Rockdale County and lost with a sad 3-point difference. The JV’s team next game is against Norcross High school on December 6th. 

    After asked about their most proud game this season Alexandra Norwood, a 12th grader on the girl’s basketball team says, “The Norcross game this year, because they beat us three times last year.” The Norcross home game took place on December 5 and ended with a win of 39-31.               

This recent game will probably boost their moral for the rest of the season. 

     This 2019-2020 season has started off less than a month ago. Both teams have played less than 10 games and lost and won a fair amount of games. Hopefully, these losses and wins will further motivate them for the conference games coming up.