Figure skating Grand Prix Final

Nathan Chen skating at the Grand Prix Finals

Nathan Chen skating at the Grand Prix Finals

Nia Embry, Editor-in-chief

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As winter approaches, it is also nearing the end of the Grand Prix season as the Grand Prix Final makes its way. One popular winter sport is figure skating. The Grand Prix is a combination of six events, held internationally. “The Grand Prix consists of six events: Skate America, Skate Canada, Sparkassen Cup on Ice, Trophée Lalique, Cup of Russia, and NHK Trophy. Each event includes no more than 12 (singles events) or 10 (pairs events) entrants.” (Britannica) The Prix began on October 18th and went through to October 20th; it took place in Las Vegas, Nevada in the Orleans Arena. The events do not discriminate; anyone can participate as long as they have met the requirements. With Nathan Chen (USA) winning gold for men’s singles, and Anna Scherbakova (Russia) for single’s women’s. For the pair skaters, Jin Yang and Peng Chang win gold medal for pair skatingskate representing China. The NHK Trophy, being the last event, happened the most recent; November 22nd, and went through to November 24th. The event occured in the Makomanai Ice Arena, in Sapporo, Hokkaido, Japan. With the Single’s Men’s gold champion being Yuzuru Hanyu representing Japan, and Women’s being Alena Kostornaia representing Russia. The Grand Prix Final is a competition that comes after the Grand Prix itself. The Grand Prix Final begins on December 5th, and this time lasting three days, ends on December 8th. This year, it is hosted at the venue Torino Palavela in Turin, Italy. It is hosted by the Italian Ice Sports Federation. To qualify for the Grand Prix Final, skaters would have had to have had participated in the actual Grand Prix that took place in any of the six events. Qualifiers after the Grand Prix for men’s single skate include;  Alexander Samarin and Dmitriy Aliyev who represent Russia, Nathan Chen representing U.S.A,Yuzuru Hanyu representing Japan, Kevin Aymoz representing France, and  Jin Boyang representing China. Chen and Hanyu are head to head in their scores being the exact same. For Women, the first three medals were awarded to three Russian representatives: Alena Kostornaia,  Alexandra Trusova, Anna Shcherbakova. Rika Kihira for Japan, Alina Zagitova for Russia, and Bradie Tennell for the U.S.A., were the following qualifiers for the Final. (NBCSports)