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Girls touchdown on Powderpuff

Photo courtesy Ed Hill

Photo courtesy Ed Hill

Anika Akbar, Opinion Editor

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       The crowd roared as players ran across the field, scoring the final touchdown.  It was tough, but the team achieved another win. Subsequently, the crowd looked over to the boys on the outskirts of the field performing their last cheers for the night, while the quarterback congratulated her teammates on a game well played as they reminisce on the great snap she was given. Another year of the Powderpuff, a game where roles are reversed, has proved successful.

      Powderpuff  is the annual flag football game where the freshmen play the sophomore and the juniors play the seniors as an alternative to the male dominant sport since the girls play and the boys cheer. “Football is just something different,” Cynthia Cooper, a referee commented, “It’s challenging to [the girls] because the have to go out and learn the plays in two days.”

      Beforehand, the girls are coached by football players from their grade to achieve the ultimate win. This year the freshmen and seniors came out victorious with each scoring 27-14 and 21-0 respectively. “We were kind of upset about it,” junior Hannah Roebuck explains, “but we had a really good time together and we’re ready to win next year.”

      “It was a good game,” Braelen Marshall, one of Roebuck’s coaches adds, “It was fun coaching the ladies because of how curious they are.”

      However, the players and coaches weren’t the only ones having all the fun. With only two boys signed up for the cheerleading section of the game, they are said to have added a much more lighthearted game. “The cheerleaders we had were excellent,” Floyd Cooper, another referee says, “They were doing tumbles and flips down the field and were doing a really good job.”

      Next year, the teams are determined to play better than ever and get that win as well as earn those bragging rights, with full support from their coaches. “Everyone is significant,” Marshall explains, “It takes a team effort to win the game.”

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Girls touchdown on Powderpuff