Parkview makes a splash

Parkview girls cheered each other on until the end.

Sally Hedrick

Parkview girls cheered each other on until the end.

Kylie Gabrielson, Sports Editor

Parkview put in a lot of work this season, and it paid off with a strong finish at the state finals.

The boys, Sam Kim, Willy Lehner, Dalton Vaux, and Jacob Finco, took fifth in the 200 yard medley relay.

“Swimming has been a great outlet for me the past four years, it has definitely taught me some great lessons that I will take with me the rest of my life,” senior Lehner said.

Vaux also took second in the boys’ 50 yard freestyle, and fifth in thru boys’ 100 yard freestyle.

Morgan Fleming placed third in the girls’ 50 yard freestyle, and second in the girls’ 100 yard freestyle.

Finco, Greg Paulukaitis, Kim, and Vaux swam their way to the boys’ 200 yard freestyle relay.

Overall, the team placed eleventh in state with girls taking eighteenth and boys taking sixth.

The team has had a long history of success, and there are definitely great hopes for the future of Parkview’s swim and dive team.