Lady Panthers shoot for the stars


Kylie Gabrielson

McKenna Pouengue guards an opponent during the game last Friday night against Colquitt.

Kylie Gabrielson, Sports Editor

The Lady Panthers have had a long lasting legacy that they are trying to continue in this postseason. They have put in a lot of work, and are now on track to do great things.

After a few heartbreaking ends to some incredible seasons in the past, the girls are fighting for a title every day they step foot on the court.

With a solid group of seven seniors, the Lady Panthers definitely have the experience to make it far in the state tournament this year.

The girls defended their home court last Friday with a big victory over Colquitt County. McKenna Pouengue led the team in points by scoring 15, and Victoria Harris was close behind with 14. All of the Lady Panthers contributed to the big win; 11 of them were able to contribute to the score board.

The whole season has come down to the last few tough battles. The coaches are doing their best to keep the team in tip top shape, and are just as committed to the success of the group as the girls are.

All of the girls have done their part, and now they are getting a big push from a strong student section that has really shown up as the girls walk down this road to the championship.

The Lady Panthers took on Osborne Tuesday at home in the third round of the state playoffs, and came out with a huge victory. They will now compete against Norcross at Georgia Tech on Saturday at 3.