Swim team aims to make waves this season



Grace Kim, Opinion Editor

For most people, December is a time to unwind with loved ones as the holidays draw near.  However, members of the Parkview swim team are busier than ever both in and out of the pool as they work hard to remain in top shape.

The Parkview swim team has had a very successful track record in the past. In the 2011-2012 school year, the boys won the State Championships while the girls finished third in state for an overall strong season. This season, the swimmers are looking to achieve similar results.

Coach Gayle, who has been coaching swimming for 11 years, said, “I think this year we are going to have to work harder than ever before to maintain our level of quality. We’re going to be relying on a lot of
swimmers to step up and improve.”

The swim team practices Monday through Friday at the Mountain Park Aquatic Center from 2:30-4:15. After they get out of the pool, they do dryland or weights until around 5:15.

“Practices aren’t fun…they’re pretty terrible actually. But when I look at all of the excitement from goals being met, long lasting friendships, and crazy memories that come out of it, I realize what the Parkview swim and dive experience is all about,” said Junior Caroline Jernigan.

Parkview swim team is full of rich traditions. For the state championships, the boys bleach their hair and shave crazy designs into their heads while girls braid their hair into cornrows. “Although some of the traditions such as shaving heads might not be the most enjoyable, overall they bring the team together,” said senior Matthew Rollins.

Overall, this season seems very promising for the Parkview Swim Team. Support them at their next meet, which is on Thursday Dec. 13 against North Gwinnett. Other exciting meets include the Brookwood meet, County, and State.