Parkview Baseball Players work out

Amanda Jackson, Staff Writter

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Senior, Jordan Kelly said, “My favorite work out is white series, because it’s a fast pace drill and it keeps you in a rhythm. White Series is a drill series that’s work each player infield. Every day, my team and I condition after practice.” This workout requires speed accuracy, and concentration.  Michael Craig, 12th grader said, “My favorite workout is the yoga we do every Wednesday. It makes us feel very fragile.” Yoga is a workout of stretching.

Trevor Brown 11th grader said, “Speed agility is my favorite workout, “I like to do because it’s a fast pace work out.” Speed Agility is a workout that helps with overall speed and helps for defense when playing a game to steal a base.

Junior, Daino Deas said, “Gator ball is my favorite because it’s competitive game and gets us ready for every game.” Gator ball is a mix of different sports such as football, soccer and lacrosse that requires non-stop running.

Alex Henderx 10th grader said, “Running poles because it builds stamina for me. Running poles is running from a four different poles .Sophomore, Jack Chamber said, “Fungos is my favorite exercise because it’s exciting and fun to do to prepare me before a game.” Fungos isn’t really an exercise it’s just an exercise,

Garrett Fowler’s, 10th grader favorite workout is Bench pressing He said, “It shows me how much upper body strength I have and shows everything I could handle during practice.” Bench pressing is an upper body strength type of workout.