Olympic Biathlon

Kylie Gabrielson, Sports Editor

Sport: Biathlon

Men’s Events: 10km, 12.5km pursuit, 15km mass start, 20 km, and 4×7.5km relay

Women’s Events: 10km pursuit, 12.5km mass start, 15km, 4x6km relay, and 7.5km

Mixed Events: Relay

Equipment: Arm sling, boots, clip, fore sight, harness, magazine, rear sight, ski poles, skis and wax, ski suit, target

Basic Idea: The biathlon event mixes cross country skiing with marksmanship. Team members begin their races with a cross country ski portion which leads to a marksmanship area where they take five shots at five separate targets. If shots are missed, time is added to their final time. The athlete who comes in with the lowest time will take home the gold.

Top Countries: France, Norway, Belarus, Czech Republic

Event Results and Dates: Men’s 10km sprint- Norway’s Ole Einar Bjoerndalen, Women’s 7.5km sprint Slovakia’s Anastasiya Kuzmina, Men’s 12.5km pursuit France’s Martin Fourcade, Women’s 10km pursuit Blarus’ Darya Domracheva, Men’s 20km individual Fourcade, Women’s 15km individual Domracheva, Men’s 15km mass start Norway’s Emil Hegle Svendsen, Women’s 12.5km mass start February 17, Women’s 2x6km Men’s 2×7.5km mixed relay February 19, Women’s 4x6km relay February 21, Men’s 4×7.5km relay February 22