International Night Brings Together Parkview Community


Photo Courtesy of Betania Solomon

Parkview International Night welcomed a community of culture on March 25th after more than 750 tickets were sold, with tickets selling out in an hour for the evening show.   

Beginning in February, Parkview’s student council dedicated itself to organizing the event and ensuring that International Night made a comeback after two years of shut-down due to COVID. After a month of hard work and promotion, organizers and dancers rallied a great crowd of both Parkview and non-Parkview students at the theater the night of the event. 

By far, the supportive crowd that overwhelmed the theater highlighted the night. Student council senior president Henry Le boasts of the event’s success, stating, “I’m so proud of all the performers and people who helped us plan it, but I’m most proud of the students who showed up. It says a lot about our community and the great value we place on diversity.” 

Indeed, International Night reflected Parkview’s diverse student body through the performers and the audience, themselves. Today, Parkview remains one of the most diverse schools in the county and state, with a diversity score of 0.77, which is higher than the state average of .69, according to The Public School Review. 

“Being invested in this community is important,” said student council sponsor Morgan Hutchinson. “Students know when teachers care a great deal about them, and this is one way I can support this wonderful community.”

Hutchinson oversaw the entire event but still allowed student council members and International Night performers to make the event their own. She reflects on her favorite part of the night, saying, “If you saw the show this year, you couldn’t help but notice the detail and devotion that went into planning the performances.” 

Junior Ayanna Patel performed to represent her country of India, and she thoroughly enjoyed her experience of being able to choreograph her own dance and help select an outfit for the team. “This event gave us a lot of liberty to really express our culture,” said the junior. 

International Night consisted of an afternoon session, directly after school, and an evening session. Both events also featured a fashion show, in which participants showcased their cultural wear on the stage. This year, senior Lily Littrell participated in her first-ever fashion show that night and shared her positive experience. “It was empowering to walk down and have such a large number of people supporting you and where you’re from,” she stated. “You don’t find that kind of support everywhere.”  

Although International Night was an immense success, the difference in attendance between the afternoon and evening sessions was evident when students and family members began to crowd the sides of the theater during the second show. Hutchinson notes that to solve this issue next year, the student council may have to better “communicate the fact that the evening show will sell out quickly.” 

Still, the sponsor hopes for an even “bigger and better” event next year.