“DON’T LOOK UP” Press Climate Change Action


Picture Courtesy of Deadline

The film “Don’t Look Up” was written, produced, and directed by Adam McKay and released on Netflix on December 24, 2021. It was primarily filmed in Massachusetts – in both Boston and Weymouth. Main actors Leonardo DiCaprio and Jennifer Lawrence portray scientists in the film. This film, set in Michigan, is about a comet heading towards Earth as a metaphor for climate change. Just like some people don’t consider or care about climate change, these scientists warned the world, but no one believed them. Adam Mckay, the director, hopes this movie will muster public action.

            A comet was heading towards Earth when Leonardo DiCaprio and Jennifer Lawrence, known as Randall Mindy and Kate Dibiasky, discovered it, but no civilian believed them. They tried to get politicians to take action and the public to accept them. Haneen Ahmed, a senior at Parkview and the Environmental Club officer, described, “So I think it’s really applicable to like life today, as in where people would rather not trust scientists and people who have been studying it all their lives. But it’s I think it’s because there’s so much information on the internet. People don’t know what to trust anymore, even though there are sources that they can just look up. But people don’t do that.”

            It was too late when everyone believed in the comet, and Earth was destroyed. The comet symbolizes climate change in this scenario. Ahmed described, “People have always been warning others like if you keep this up like we’re all going to eventually die due to some climate disaster. And it’s the same as the comet that’s why people have been telling like scientists told the people you’ll we’re gonna die if we don’t do something. And basically, that’s what’s happening right now. Except it’s not a comet. It’s climate change.”

            At the end of the movie, Dr. Randall Mindy and Kate Dibiasky go home with their families and have dinner as the comet hits Earth, still scared but accepting that they will die. Junior Lidia Chavez, also a member of the Environmental Club, explained, “I feel it’s inevitable that we will be our destruction. If a comet doesn’t take us out, climate change or some natural disaster will.”

            As stated by the founder and director of End Climate Silence, Genevieve Guenther, in the January 11th, 2022 article from the New York Times titled “Don’t Just Watch: Team Behind ‘Don’t Look Up’ Urges Climate Action”, “The goal of the movie was to raise awareness about the terrifying urgency of the climate crisis, and in that, it succeeded spectacularly.” As organizations reveal climate change, people like Chavez agree with the devastation. “Perhaps it may even be good; a comet hits, giving Earth a chance to heal from our damage,” expressed Chaves.

            Many people are supporting and helping the environment in many different ways. Ahmed said, “I try to take the bus as often as I can. I know that’s not much, but and, you know, just produce, reuse, recycle. And also, I don’t buy things too often, like I’d rather […] reuse the things I have than like, buy new things.” In addition to helping the environment, it also helps prevent or slow down climate change. Chavez said, “My family does its best to recycle and avoid overusing water and electricity.”