BSU club welcomes all races

Heaven LaMartz, Staff Writer

BSU, which stands for Black Student Union, is a Parkview High School club that explores black history and culture. BSU holds meetings on the third Thursday of every month in the orchestra room located in J building. According to Melat Mekonnen, a junior at Parkview and an officer of the Black Student Union club, the meetings “…consist of discussing topics, guest speakers, and debates about certain controversial issues.” Although BSU focuses primarily on African American culture and heritage, anyone is welcomed to join. In fact, they strongly encourage people of all races to join. Mekonnen, a fellow officer of BSU, revealed that while some people might feel intimidated to join because of the title of the club she hopes “it will be able to expand to people of all races without the notion that you have to be African American to join.” Jordyn Birmingham, a member of BSU, also gives her insight and describes the club, “It’s a very involved club about things that concern the black community and how we as a younger generation feel having to look up and represent the black community.” Overall, Black Student Union is club that wishes to promote knowledge about black history that people may not already know, while providing a safe and open space for students of any race to communicate and learn with each other.