Swaim opted to change careers to be with her kids

Hydiah Sylla, Co- Editor in cheif

At any given moment between fourth and sixth period students cannot walk into the cafeteria without hearing melodious sounds of laughter and seeing faces filled with joy. The cafeteria is a place for students to break bread and conjugate, none of which would be possible without the Cafeteria Staff. The Cafeteria Staff are an astonishing group of individuals led by manager Judy Swaim.

Swaim grew up in the small town of Acworth, Georgia where she lived on the lake with her family and her father was the mayor. Swaim says, “I was very involved at my high school. I was on the basketball and tennis team, but I supported all teams. My favorite memories are spending numerous weeks working on the homecoming float with my friends.”

After high school Swaim attended Jackson State University, graduated with a marketing degree, and started working at a corporate job after having kids and getting married. “I decided to join the school system after having kids so I could have the same schedule as them,” says Swaim.

Swaim, who started as a food assistant and has worked her way up to manager has now been working at Parkview for 16 years. “When I first started working here I only worked four hours a day and the lady that was the manager only let me fill the water barrels. I think she thought I wasn’t capable of doing anything else”, said Swaim.

After arriving to school at 5 a.m. Swaim starts her day off by doing paperwork and baking the cookies and bread, “I’m a big freak about the bread being fresh,” she explains, and jumps on the register to start serving breakfast to the students.When asked her biggest inspiration in life, she replied with a mere two words, “My mom”.  Swaim’s mom was diagnosed with both ovarian and brain cancer, she is truly a living miracle and the backbone of their family. “It made me realize that life is short and you should live each day to the fullest,” said Swaim.

In the future, Swaim hopes to retire at Lake Hartwell, and spend her free time sewing and taking care of her family.