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National Reflections Contest Winners share their stories

Jordan Frederick, Staff Writers

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The National Reflections Contest is a contest for students to show their artistic talents for the year’s chosen theme. This year’s theme was “What is Your Story?” Contestants of this year’s contest had to chose from one of six categories: dance choreography, film production, literature, music composition, photography, or visual arts. Many students from Parkview entered this contest, and only 29 students won first out of four places, including honorable mentions, including Kasfia Kazi, a tenth grader who placed second in visual arts, Nathan Lee a senior who also entered the contest, won first in literature. The contestants are very proud to place in this contest, and enjoyed participating in this contest. “When I found out I won, I screamed in happiness and jumped around” says Kasfia.

Nathan Lee, one of the students of the Reflections Contest, produced a song called “My Story” which is a basic melody with a piano chord, and electronic beats to complete the groove. Nathan was working hard on the song and submitted it right after his marching band competition. “I’ve always enjoyed making music and when I heard about the reflections contest, I knew I wanted to enter. I had made some basic melodies and lyrics I wanted to use for the song, but the end result was nothing like what the song had started out as. I came out with a song that described how I was feeling at the time and ended up winning 1st Place in Music Composition. I didn’t expect to win, but it felt fantastic to take that Trophy home” says Nathan, feeling proud of his work.

The Reflections Contest contestants worked very hard in this contest. Each contestants put in hours of effort to do their best in this contest. Like Jessica Barr, who has a creative passion for photography. “After I took the picture, I sat down and edited it to make sure it was perfect. This process took around a week” says Jessica.

Everyone in Reflections contest did well, they each contestant worked effortless in order to place in the contest. Every contestant is preparing for the awards banquet on November 13th. Each contestant who participated in the contest is very proud of their work and is happy to show it off.

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National Reflections Contest Winners share their stories