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Mr. Murphy inspires students to teach



HongDuyen Pham, Centerspread Editor

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Having devoted his time and effort to the American people for twenty years in the Coast Guard, Mr. Murphy, Language Arts teacher, now devotes his time and effort to his students. In the classroom, he aims to inspire students to achieve their goals rather than limiting their education to just the curriculum. Outside of school, he carries his energy with him to the outdoors where he finds it most refreshing and relaxing.

Many students have had Mr. Murphy as a teacher for three years, yet he has made an impact on them since the first year. Emma Allison, senior, says, “Mr. Murphy is the reason why I want to be a teacher in the future, specifically a Language Arts teacher.”

Everything Mr. Murphy teaches captivates his students’ attention by going beyond monotone lectures and textbook notes. The annual Romeo and Juliet play that his class performs shows how diverse he is in his teaching methods. All students had to play a vital role in the success of the performance. Christina Rincon, senior, remembers her experience as director of the play: “He made me take charge instead of relying on him, which taught me a lot about leadership skills.”

This also shows how he teaches other valuable aspects of life rather than focusing only on the AKS. He has promoted leadership skills through group projects, creativity through individual assignments, and responsibility through his high expectations he has of each and every one of his students.

As a very energetic person, Mr. Murphy is not confined to his classroom and home. He enjoys being outdoors as much as possible, and says, “I love hiking and spending time in the Smokey Mountains.”

Along with being a hiker, Mr. Murphy is also a tourist who has, as of today, travelled to about 50 countries. Some of the places he has visited are St. Petersburg, Russia; Venice, Italy; Istanbul, Turkey; and Budapest, Hungary. His most memorable experience as a tourist is visiting the Auschwitz Nazi concentration camp in Poland.

His interest in diverse cultures and passion for literature, since the age of nine, is clearly conveyed in his unique teaching methods and devotion to his students. For the past seventeen years, he has inspired or impacted each student who has stepped foot into his classroom and will continue to do so for many more years to come.

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Mr. Murphy inspires students to teach