Hidden Menus: not so secret anymore

Starting with In & Out, ending with Starbucks and everything in between



One of the wintery options available at Starbucks.

Sania Chandrani, Editor-in-Chief

The secret menu began at In-N-Out burger, and soon the marketing tactic spread as quickly as fast-food chains themselves.

Many students and teachers are unaware that secret menus exist. “Why do they have secret menus? What’s that about?” asks English teacher Crystal Lazenby. The idea stemmed from restaurants wanting a smart marketing to get people excited about their food.

Almost every fast-food restaurant now offers a secret menu that hungry teenagers and adults alike can find on websites or food blogs.

Originally meek and by-the-menu customers are replaced by confident consumers who order their secret menu options with pride. But why do people get excited at this slightly out-of-the-ordinary feat? Perhaps it’s the small feeling of triumph as they exchange a superior look with the clerk or the smirks they pass onto the typical customer behind them in line because they’re “in on it.” and know something other customers don’t.

When a customer walks into Starbucks looking for a morning coffee fix and demands a Cotton Candy Frap, others in line stare. They glance over enviously as the employee mixes a Vanilla Bean Frap with two pumps of raspberry syrup and tops it off with whipped cream. The fact that they have the guts to stroll up and order something not on the menu puts them in a league above the usual fast food customer, who just orders by meal number.

Senior, Mehak Dodhyani says, “When I go to Starbucks, I usually use the secret menu and order the Ferrero Rocher Frap or the Brownie Blast.”

According to thedailymeal.com, Starbucks has at least 11 secret drinks including ‘The Nutella’ which is a Cafe Misto with chocolate and hazelnut syrup with caramel drizzle either mixed into or on top of the drink. Starbuckssecretmenu.net offers many more options for coffee-cravers.

Not a coffee fan? Fear not Parkview, there are many places besides Starbucks that offer secret menu items, and for the best fast food pleasure we’ve scoured the internet for the wildest hacks students can try around Lilburn and perhaps even at our own cafeteria?

(Secret menu options found at hackthemenu.com and wortheverybite.com)

Panera Bread:
Power Breakfast: Kickstart your morning with a protein-packed breakfast bowl with egg white and roasted turkey.
Power Chicken Hummus Bowl: Try this healthy, low-carb dish made with chicken, spicy hummus and mixed vegetables.

Monster Mac Burger: Can you handle this burger with eight patties?
Mc10:35: treat yourself to a happy morning with a McDouble stuffed with an egg McMuffin.
Big McChicken: Chicken on chicken on chicken. Your classic McChicken with chicken patties instead of bread buns.

Burger King:
Veggie Whopper: Who knew Burger King had veggie options? Get your whopper with a veggie patty instead of beef.
Rodeo Burger: a barbecue in your burger. Try this cheeseburger topped with barbeque sauce and onion rings.

Pizza Sub: A pizza and a sandwich all rolled into one. Customize your sub with spicy pepperoni, marinara sauce, shredded cheese and your choice of veggies.

Free Ice Cream: Got a kids meal? Want ice cream? Swap your toy for a cone!
Root Beer Float: Treat yourself with a chilled root beer topped with creamy vanilla ice cream.
Fried Chicken Club: It swaps the char-broiled chicken with fried chicken and a load of veggies.

Quesarito: Can’t decide between a quesadilla and burrito? Not to worry! Like the name suggests, this delicious option uses an original Cheese Quesadilla as the shell of a loaded burrito with your choice of lettuce, rice, beans, meat, salsa and veggies as fillings.