Madness in March


MCT Campus

Kentucky Wildcats vs. Connecticut Huskies in the NCAA's Final Four

HongDuyen Pham, Staff Writer

In March, people all over the world celebrate Mardi Gras, in Ireland, they celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day, but at Parkview, students and teachers celebrate March Madness. At 11:00am on March 20, many students and teachers rushed to submit their brackets in hope of getting a perfect bracket.

Every year, people tune into ESPN to be updated on wins during the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament, hoping that their bracket is coming along well. Submitters choose which team they think will win in each game based on experience, knowledge, or just pure luck. Dr. Dartt , “The only disappointment I have is that Wichita State lost to Kentucky. I really wanted to see Louisville play against Wichita State.”

After all the matches were played, all brackets were scored according to the number of points awarded for each correct pick for each round. The person with the most points will have a chance to be awarded a $10,000 Best Buy gift card. Jerry Yue, sophomore, says, “I think my chance of winning is not possible, but I still submit a bracket every year.”

To add to all this excitement, Warren Buffett, an extremely rich investor, placed one billion dollars on the table for the contestant with a perfect bracket. Robel Tesfamariam, sophomore, says, “I was aiming for the billion dollar prize when I entered a bracket, but I think the game is so fake.” Though 6.45 million people submitted a bracket this year, which is a new record for ESPN, the probability of anyone getting a perfect bracket is exceptionally low.

In the history of ESPN’s NCAA bracket challenge, there has only been one person whose bracket survived until the very end. His name is Alex Hermann, a 17-year-old teenager with autism. Because of this slim, but possible chance of winning the money, Parkview’s staff and student body submitted brackets and impatiently waited for the results, only to be faced with disappointment because no one made a perfect bracket.