Cinderella drops her shoe at Parkview

Parkview Drama Department presents Rodger & Hammerstein's Cinderella

Prince Chris and Cinderella steal away during the ball.

Sania Chandrani, News Editor

As the curtains closed and cast of Parkview’s Cinderella finished taking their bows, well-wishers of all ages flooded the stage. It was a noteworthy performance by the Parkview musical theater class’s cast and crew.

Based on a slightly modern twist to the classic Cinderella story, the group performed after weeks of grueling preparation. From over six-hour rehearsals daily to singing their lines in their sleep, the entire group lived and breathed Cinderella, but the thrill of performance was worth it.

The leading cast of Cinderella (Paige Mullen), Prince Chris (Shane Mathis), the evil stepsisters Joy (Khyati Sehgal) and Grace (Tori Kipp), the stepmother (Chandler Smith), the fairy godmother (Anna Camp), the steward (Matthew Burns), and King Maximillian (Joshua Sanders) and Queen Constantina (Angelina Mullins), performed spectacularly beside their costars and supporting actors.

Mullen said, “I feel honored to be Cinderella.” As she greeted young fans in her golden wedding gown, she added, “My favorite part is all the kids.”

Mathis played the regal Prince, a disguised villager, and the love-struck teenager all in one. To the performance, he said that while the process was crazy, “everything fell into place and went down the road it was supposed to—the road of enchantment.”

The not-so-evil-stepsisters Joy and Grace smiled warmly at their well-wishers after the play displaying exactly how unlike themselves their roles had been. Sehgal, who played Joy, the diva sister and a definite showstopper, was delighted to have performed saying, “It’s tiring, but when you’re tired, you know you did a good job and all the hard work paid off.”

Smith, who played the audacious stepmother, laughed saying, “[the stepmother] is my favorite character. I sometimes forget I’m the antagonist and it’s not all about me.” For the audience, that attitude was perfect for her larger-than-life character onstage.

Anna Camp executed her character’s role as sassy fairy godmother flawlessly in her gauzy purple gown and glitter all around.

The King and Queen displayed great chemistry as the parents of the Prince onstage.

Mrs. Sharon Morrow, the Parkview Theater teacher and director of the play was delighted at the performances and stated that it was, as always, “magical” to see it all come to life.

Even during center stage dialogue, there was always something going on in the background, from a bustling market to shenanigans during the ball, which made the audience wonder where to look as they tried to take it all in. However, when stars were front and center, they captured the audience’s eyes.

The supporting cast played their versatile roles without a fault, and the stage crew moved about fluidly while the light and sound crew disguised and enhanced the stage as necessary.

The band ensemble that accompanied the performance performed brilliantly and without an audible flaw.

After they play, slews of children and parents rushed to the performers excited to take pictures with the Prince, Princess and the entire cast of the performance.