Bronnum’s got a badge


Evan Long

Mrs. Bronnum, Parkview’s New AP

Evan Long, Centerspread Editor

On the last day of last semester, Mrs. Rebecca Bronnum, Parkview social studies teacher since 2003, officially became one of our assistant principals.

“I’ve been doing leadership roles in the school for a while now as gifted coordinator,” says Mrs. Bronnum, “I’ve been working with the county for Teach Gwinnett, and I just wanted to do something different after 17 years in the classroom.” Mrs. Bronnum has been a teacher since 1997, came to Parkview in 2003, and then became the gifted program coordinator in 2009.

She is excited about her new job: “Everything’s exciting because it’s different. I know that sounds cliched but it’s different. I’ve worked with gifted kids and AP kids for 10 years, but now I’m not working with the same kids so I feel like I’m reaching a good majority of these kids even though they are sometimes in here for some kind of discipline issue…. I’m getting different perspectives of things.”

What will she miss most? “Teaching y’all!” she says. “I was reading my law book and they were talking about Hammurabi’s code and the Magna Carta, and I wanted to bring it up to class the next day. I wrote in the margin ‘Gosh I miss teaching right now!’” Mrs. Bronnum has taught AP World History and AP European History for the past few years. “The good thing is I’ve taught tenth graders for so long that I’ve still got three years of kids in the building.”

Along with her new job, Mrs. Bronnum is working on her specialist degree in educational leadership and policy through UGA. “I’ll be done next May,” she says.

Mrs. Bronnum’s specific duties include tenth grade boys discipline, staff development, eighth grade orientation night, and honors  night to name a few.