Objection, your honor: Parkview’s Mock Trial


Parkview’s Mock Trial team attends the region competition in Athens, GA.

Amy Pan, Staff Writer

Usually, spending the weekend in a courtroom is not necessarily seen as a “good thing,” but there are a few students who beg to differ. Parkview’s Mock Trial team competed in the District 2 region tournament on Saturday, February 2 in Athens, Georgia. The event took place at the University of Georgia’s School of Law and included several schools from around Athens and metro Atlanta.

Each year, mock trial teams receive a fictional court case that they must review and prepare ahead of time for the yearly competition. A mock trial team usually consists of two sides, the prosecution and the defense, each with three witness roles and three attorney roles. When it comes time for the region tournament, a team’s prosecution and defense is matched against the opposing sides from another school and must perform their case in front of a judge and jury.

At Saturday’s tournament, Parkview’s prosecution team consisted of attorneys Sania Chandrani (11), Leila Hasanic (11), and Aaron Ladd (12), along with witnesses Kayla Rhoden (11), Steven David (10), and Elise Tan (10). Meanwhile, Gowan Moise (11), Amy Pan (11), and Nilah Coles (9) served as attorneys for the defense, while Daisy Zhang (12), Abbie Vega (12), and Kiara Harding (9) each played witnesses.

Though Parkview did not qualify to advance into the state finals, several members of the team won distinguished awards. Zhang and Rhoden were both honored as “Outstanding Witnesses,” and Aaron Ladd was presented with “Outstanding Attorney.”

As the season draws to a close, members will miss working as a team to practice executing the perfect trial case. Zhang says, “I really enjoyed working together with everyone and meeting at the courthouse to practice each week.” She adds, “I’m especially sad that it’s my last year in mock trial, and I’m going to miss the team a lot.”

Harding agrees, adding, “Mock trial was a lot of work, but also a lot of fun, and I’m definitely planning on joining again next year.” Harding says her favorite part of the entire experience was going up against other schools at the competition. “We read through the case over and over and analyzed everything very closely, and it was awesome to demonstrate our skills in the courtroom.”

For anyone interested in becoming a part of mock trial next year, teacher sponsor John Mangano says, “all students interested in learning about the legal profession are welcome, as well as those who just love to act.”