The cleanest couple at Parkview

Amy Pan, Staff Writer

“Have a great afternoon,” custodian Steven Batson enthusiastically tells a passing tenth-grader. School has just let out for the day, and many Parkview students are making their way through the halls, ready to head out to their cars or leave on the bus. Dismissal time can often be loud and chaotic, but in the midst of each early afternoon rush, students in A Building can always count on seeing Mr. Batson and his wife, Carolyn, making their daily custodial rounds and greeting passerby.

The Batsons have been at Parkview for the past six years, previously working manufacturing jobs at Western Electric and AT&T. Mr. Batson has also served four active years in the U.S. Air Force, while Mrs. Batson worked in a mailroom and handled computer chips. Despite working side-by-side for 27 years in so many different environments, the two agree that there is no place like Parkview.

“We just want to provide a clean and safe environment for students and teachers to grow in their education,” says Mr. Batson. Mrs. Batson agrees, saying, “If everything’s clean, we’re doing what we’re supposed to do.”

Every day, the pair arrives at 2:00 P.M. and starts by checking the bathrooms and collecting trash from each classroom in lower A Building. “After school ends, we vacuum, dust different areas, wipe down the windows, and straighten everything up,” Mrs. Batson says. “Some days we do a little extra, like blowing leaves during this time of year,” Mr. Batson adds. “Once our shift ends at 10:00 [P.M], we make sure to lock everything up and check security with the night supervisor.”

Both custodians agree that the hardest part of their job involves carpet spills and bathroom messes. “Most kids are really respectful, but some spills are almost impossible to clean!” Mr. Batson says. Mrs. Batson can attest to this fact, adding, “In order to remove drink spills, I get down on my hands and knees and scrub, but sometimes they still don’t come up no matter how hard I try.”

Overall, the Batsons truly love their jobs at Parkview. Many students around campus recognize them for their characteristically positive attitudes and friendly greetings. “Honestly, getting to see you guys and the teachers makes my day. And, I like cleaning!” Mrs. Batson says. “The best part is the respect from the students,” Mr. Batson adds. “I love seeing the smiles when you tell them to have a good evening after they might’ve had a bad day. And we have the best relationship with all the teachers, too.”