Dear Joe Biden…


Andrew Harnik

President-elect Joe Biden and Vice President-elect Kamala Harris Dec. 1, 2020, in Wilmington, Del., Courtesy of AP

Our leaders for the next presidential term have been elected. Democratic Joseph Biden will serve as the 46th U.S. President. Kamala Harris will serve alongside him, as his Vice President. While Americans await the inauguration in January, there are many hopes and fears for the next chapter of our country.

We asked students their opinions. What are your hopes and fears for this new presidency? What do you wish the government will do? What do you wish you could tell our future government officials?

Dear Joe Biden,
A looming fear that I have for this presidency is the possibility of inaction. However, I do have much hope that Biden will be a better president in the aspect of being willing to listen and foster inclusivity. I hope that this presidency stimulates progressive systemic change in the status quo by allowing for people of color, individuals with disabilities, and individuals with different sexualities, and etc… to be treated with equity and embraced for themselves. I have hope that we will all collectively make this presidency a great one by advocating, spreading awareness, and taking action.
~ Ruhee Merchant, 11th grade
Dear Joe Biden,
Congratulations on winning the Presidency and saving America from one of the worst presidents this country has ever seen. I hope to see you implement real change, not just in the White House but in this country. Hold the hateful accountable, especially when they are using that hate to oppress and suppress others. I hope that you are always looking out for the future, for my future America, and not just the one we live in now.
~ Lauryn Johnson, 12th grade
Dear Joe Biden,
I have very high hopes for this presidency. I do hope that Joe Biden and Kamala Harris do well on the promises that they have made to the country.
~ Huda Hussain, 9th grade
Dear Joe Biden,
The most important thing for Joe Biden to do once he is inaugurated is to repair our country’s relationship with the rest of the world. We terminated our relationship with the WHO and also retreated from the Paris Climate Agreement, which are key to fixing our ongoing problems. The world is ready to work with Biden, yet I fear that the hopes and promises he made earlier, would be broken. It’s time for the government to be more open about their plans of actions, so we can be prepared for new problems coming our way.
~ Hana Momin, 12th grade
Dear Joe Biden,
For this presidency, I hope for a more united nation, but I’m afraid that it’ll be further divided based on our current track record. After all, people are still afraid of practicing their faith, revealing their sexuality and/or gender identity amongst other things when it already should be protected within the Constitution. As such, I wish for the government to make more explicit policies that target issues such as marginalization instead of the vague ones we have right now that have trillions of loopholes.
~ Nuzhat Ahmed, 12th grade
Dear Joe Biden,
America needs a President who brings class to the office and treats others with respect: a true world leader. But we also need a President who cares about saving the environment and who will work with all members of the government, not just the ones in his political party. But most of all, America needs a President who cares about every American. These next 4 years are crucial to this country and we need you to be this President.
~ Annie Bly, 12th grade
Dear Joe Biden,
A big part of Biden’s presidency will be tackling Covid-19 and handling the new vaccine. I hope that Biden’s administration will be able to bring the pandemic under control especially since President Trump has politicized the pandemic and has stated that wearing a mask is not important. Another subject I hope President-Elect Joe Biden will prioritize is Climate Change because I believe that there is little time to tackle this issue and save our planet. I hope that the U.S. will rejoin the Paris Climate Agreement that President Donald Trump withdrew from.
~ Alka Jose, 12th grade
Dear Joe Biden,
My hopes for this new presidency is that the nation will unify and people will stop being bigoted. I wish the government will work to end climate change, help eradicate student debt, and pass laws protecting minorities.
~ Naseefah Chowdhury, 12th grade
Dear Joe Biden,
Personally, going into this new presidency, there are many things I’m frightful of. Biden has really good policies and things he wants to carry out in his term; however, I’m afraid that he won’t end up fulfilling those promises he’s made the country during the election. Furthermore, I’m also scared that with his ideas, many of them won’t be passed as the Houses and Senate will end up blocking it. I wish I could tell government officials that they should do what’s better for the well-being for the general population (those less fortunate) rather than doing what will allow them to profit the most.
~ Trang Huynh, 12th grade