Additional Resources for Online Students in Need of Extra Help


Many online students are facing struggles with school  because their teachers are not physically present with them. Though this issue is unavoidable  during the current pandemic, there are many additional resources available for students in need. 

This pandemic has divided our school system into two sides: in-person and online. During a normal year, students are able to communicate with their teachers more easily and can ask for extra help. Because  online students struggle to communicate it can hurt their grades. 

“It can be hard to communicate with the teacher. You can email, but it can take a while for a response. I have more questions this year as a student online than as a regular student a year ago,” says Katherine (Kat) Saladna, an eighth grader at Trickum.

 To help alleviate this, students can access many additional resources such as Khan Academy, Brainpop, IXL, Quizizz, and Quizlet. They can proceed by signing up with their school google account, and start practicing. Brainpop and Youtube give videos that help students to comprehend content specific concepts. Resources like Khan Academy and IXL provide videos and practice problems for students to work on.

Parkview also has additional assets like and Club Z Tutoring located on their website. Both websites allow students  to request a tutor and schedule an appropriate time.Students can go to the Parkview website and then press the “Counseling” section, on the row at the top. Next, press on the link “Resources” and there are  many academic supports. These supports are free, and all students have to do is sign up. 

Students can also look through their previous lessons for extra practice and review. Looking through and studying notes  helps with understanding and retaining a topic. Students should make sure to take notes in class and review those later.

The resources mentioned above are significant ways to learn and study. Students can use these to study for upcoming tests and finals. Most importantly, if students are struggling and are in need of extra help, they should contact their teachers who can recommend other resources as well.