Monica Mohamed, Staff Writer

  School fights are all over any school. Usually over a little issue over dating or maybe even something deeper. Sadly, many people get pulled into fights they didn’t even start and get punished for it too. In many schools, fights are recorded onto your record depending on how severe the fight was. This punishment is even given to the person defending themselves. Many people have appealed to schools stating that only the person starting the fight should get punished.

     I also believe that the person defending shouldn’t get and harsh punishment or even any punishment at all. During a fight you should always defend yourself, Weirdly enough the school must expect you to stay still and take the beating while they give the other person the punishment. This is unusual as I believe the principle himself wouldn’t stay still. 

      Mason (needs to get last name) a 9th grader at Parkview Highschool agrees with me regarding this issue saying, “If someone poses a threat to you, you should take the right action to defend yourself.” 

     Another side of this issue is that they both should be punished for their actions. People on this side may argue that the person must have done something to provoke the other person therefore they both deserve the punishment.

     Though I can’t say this may be wrong, it is a case by case issue, a rare case by case. The other person shouldn’t be punished just because they may have provoked the fighter, a lot of situations can be handled by words not by fists. So, I believe the person should be punished by how they handled the situation. If the person provoked went straight to using violence it is only right that that person is given punishment. I’m not saying that the person who was provoking is not in the wrong just that it isn’t a matter that deserves punishment.