Is Christmas Overrated? YES

Tina Dong, Copy Editor

     As winter approaches, many holiday festivities begin. Christmas is amongst the many holidays celebrated during this time of year. Viewed as a time of festivity and joy, the expectations for Christmas are always high. But is it really as wonderful as it’s portrayed? 

     Christmas began as a religion focused holiday that celebrated the birth of Jesus Christ. Over time, the holiday transformed into a mess of excessive spending and excuses to gorge on large amounts of food. According to ABC News, Americans spend an average of over 465 billion dollars on gifts every year. Taking advantage of this celebratory season, people spend countless amounts of time and money to spoil each other and themselves. While religion is still the root of many celebrations, it’s importance has been diminished by the people’s need to buy more items that they don’t need. Aside from the excessive spending, many families also gather to feast. While it’s great to spend time together, many people attend these gatherings just for the food- leaving the religion aspect of Christmas at home. There are many pros to these celebrations, but for many, they’ve forfeited religion and the purpose of Christmas for receiving gifts and gluttony. 

     During Christmas, there is also an enormous amount of decorating. There are lights, wreaths, and bows strung everywhere. Even before December starts, the decorations are already going up. Many households go to extremes to decorate their homes with reindeers and snowmen on their lawns, lights strung inside and outside the house, and ribbons of many colors tied all around. These methods of showing festivity is to be expected and is normal. However, what isn’t normal is the timing of the decorating process. Many families jump right past other holidays such as Halloween and Thanksgiving to get to Christmas. Each holiday has its own importance and its own time period for celebrations that come in accordance to its traditions. When it is Halloween or Thanksgiving, there shouldn’t be the traditional Christmas decorations littered all over every lawn in the neighborhood. There is always plenty of time for Christmas to shine after other equally important holidays have passed. 

     Finally, Christmas is overrated because the standards for how the holidays should be are too high. Christmas is associated with snow, cozy homes, and decorated homes. It’s portrayed as beautiful and merry- but that isn’t always the case. In fact, most southern states don’t even get snow. The perfect image of Christmas time hardly applies to many places in the United States. Yet another tarnish to the perfect image of Christmas is that there are also many families in the U.S that don’t celebrate the holiday, therefore they don’t decorate. This image of a perfect Christmas is only seen in movies, and makes Christmas seem much better than it actually is. Even the children have high expectations of Christmas- they believe in a jolly red man who brings them gifts- when in reality the idea of a large red man going down the chimney is simply ridiculous.