Harris no

Zoe Flores, Editor-in-chief

  Presidential candidate Kamala Harris has recently proposed a bill extending the school day from 8am to 6pm. This bill would only have school closures on federal holidays, weekends, and emergencies. She believes that this bill helps solve issues regarding childcare when parents are still at work and their children are not in school.  Not only is this bill unfair to teachers it is also extremely unfair to students. If this bill were to become a law, it would essentially make school more of a job instead of a learning atmosphere. This bill is not a good idea because it is unfair to students, there is are no time for after-school extracurriculars for students, and it is unfair of Harris to regulate schools when she has no experience in them. 

     What sets going to school apart from working is that some students need to get long breaks. Stripping students away from their summer breaks is unfair because school essentially becomes a job for students. School is supposed to instill a love of learning in students and help them discover subjects they’d like to major in. Making school more like a job would make those students hate school and essentially ruin its purpose. In addition, if this bill is for childcare , why should middle school and high school students have to stay in school longer if they can care for themselves? And why should elementary aged students who have siblings that can care for them be forced to stay in school? If this bill’s purpose is to help with childcare, then more free government runned after school programs should be utilized to help with this issue. 

    Almost every student is involved in some type of extracurricular activity. Some of these activities include sports, school clubs, and part-time jobs. Asking students to stay at school until 6 gives them no time for these activities. Most sports practices at Parkview end around 4. If school was extended to 6, practices would end at 8. Furthermore, on gameday most games start around 7 and end later. If the school day was extended sports games would end even later and students would have no time to do homework. Many students have part-time jobs. In addition, mMany shifts start right after school. Extending the school day would conflict with many employers shift scheduling because high school students tend to come in when the morning workers are done for the day. This could cause many employers to hire less high schoolers. Some high schoolers need jobs to support their family or save up for college. This bill would negatively affect them. 

    Harris honestly has no place to be proposing bills on education when she has no experience in education. Attending a public school does not make one qualified to regulate it. If this was true, then essentially anyone who has ever attended a public school has the right to make laws regulating it. While creating this bill, Harris forgot to take into consideration how it would affect educators. It would make their work day longer and give them no breaks. Educators should be the only ones regulating schools because they know how to teach students and how students function daily. Furthermore, they too are affected by legislation politicians make regarding schools.