High School friends-BFFs forever or just until we graduate?

Kalee Wiley, Co-Editor-in-Chief

. When high school students graduate and began their adulthood through college they often leave behind their friends. However, they can always make new friends in college, yet some students lose their opportunity and do not make friends at all. Yet many students believe it is not possible to remain friends with people from high school. They believe that once they graduated it will be the last time they will ever see their friends again. Sure, friends can continue their friendships but it is much difficult if there is a great distance between them. Once in college, freshmen have the possibility of gaining new friends or end up lonely. Even worst, they wish they were back in high school because that’s where they had all there friends. One of my friends I knew in high school graduated is attending Georgia State University in Atlanta, Georgia. She made the decision to stay on campus because it was cheaper to live at home than many thousands of dollars to live on campus. Everyday, she drives to college and back for two hours in traffic. The only person she has as her friend is her brother. 
 For students living off campus, it difficult for them to make a daily encounter with students in their outside elements. In the classroom, there is not enough to get to know other students because it a time for education. This miss opportunities to does not get a chance to go to clubs or fun events that could be happening on campus. By living on campus, it pushes students to communicate with other students they have never seen before, so they can make friends.