Students are losing it over school-related stress

Madison Johnson, Co- Editor in cheif

The story of teenage stress is a tale as old as time, especially when the end of the semester is looming over us like a massive black cloud. Teachers take it upon themselves to dump what feels like a million things on us all at once: essays, research papers, and projects; if it’s that time of year, then it’s probably on a ‘to-do’ list somewhere. As teenagers, the mountain of stress and school work go hand in hand. As first semester comes to a close, the majority of teens are teetering on the edge of a cliff, at the bottom nothing but a pit of eternal failure. The structure of the mountain is a simple break down; at the top, there’s glory, good grades, and the honor roll. But, the climb is treacherous, and there’s an endless amount of assignments weighing even the smartest of students down, particularly finals week.

Finals week is the chasm that threatens to swallow students’ grades; down the drain goes all social life, free times, and when it comes down to it, even sit down meals for that month. Why? Because finals week means stress, and stress during finals week is enough to wound even the most valiant climber headed for the mountain’s peak.Teenagers can’t handle things as well as they act like they can. Young minds are pressed down upon by the heavy weight of the end of the semester.

Finals usually tally about twenty percent of a class’s overall grade; that’s enough to make one burst into tears at the mere thought. Worse still, teachers think that students can handle everything at once. They pile on the reveries, they pile on the stress, and thus pile on the mental breakdown and anxiety attacks to which teens are. Eleven percent of those tested – and that’s not a big amount – tested positive for school stress related depression and anxiety according to a study at the Columbia University Medical Center. School is pushing our generation over the edge of that massive cliff, and the drop is not a pleasant one.