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People need to walk on the right side of the hallway

Peter Fedyk, Columnist

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Walking on the right side of the hall has been a grain planted in the minds of all student from a young age. It prevents traffic, creates an efficient system, and is overall safer for everyone. However, this grain must have been lost in translation as the hallway etiquette has been misinterpreted and twisted. Those who inhabit the hallway in between classes now experience a far different environment from that taught in elementary school.

Individuals weave in and out of both sides of the halls. While this does speed up their trip, the constant change in direction slows down those in the area. This creates the all too common traffic at each of the dreaded orange doors. A shortcut for one creates a jam for many; the problem is clear cut. There could be a rule set in place; however, it would simply be another pointless law that couldn’t be enforced, much in vain of the infamous “One Earbud Policy.”

These interlopers often claim they don’t have time to make it from one class to another in six minutes. That isn’t to insinuate they are the only wrongdoers. Many people have an irritating tendency to walk at a snail’s pace or stop entirely to converse with friends. “A to H is stupid far. I have to run if I’m not trying to be late. Everybody is slow when they’re texting or something.” says junior, Michael Lennen.

Injury is another problem presented by those who walk, or more commonly run, down the wrong side of the hall. Head-on collisions aren’t all that rare, especially around corners and near choke points, such as those pesky double doors. I’ve have multiple close calls in just the past few weeks. This proneness to walking right into another is further expedited by our attention being paid to our phones and the rather high (in comparison) population of visually impaired students at Parkview. An accident is more likely to happen when both parties aren’t even looking at the hallway in front of them. “People walk in front of me all the time. Sometimes I have to go through the left door because so many people are stuck in the right. It’s a mess.” says junior, Marcus Lennen.

I’m not saying you should put away for phone when walking, as that would be highly hypocritical. I’m just suggesting an occasional look at your surroundings and keeping to your side of the high would make our campus safer for everyone

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People need to walk on the right side of the hallway