Chris Kyle Inspires in American Sniper



Bradley Cooper as Chris Kyle in American Sniper.

Doyle Wang, Staff Writer

Acclaimed actor and filmmaker Clint Eastwood has set another record in his long-running film career. His new motion picture, American Sniper, immediately set box office records when it was widely released back on January 16th.
As of now, it is the highest grossing war film in North America, grossing an estimated $103.3 million during its opening weekend, instantly breaking six box office records.

The powerful Iraq War drama surpassed James Cameron’s Avatar for having the highest January weekend box office opening and immediately flushed out Civil Rights drama Selma out of the top 10 grossing films over the MLK holiday weekend, remaining#1 at the box office for the first three consecutive weeks. The film garnered six Oscar award nominations, including best actor for Bradley Cooper’s portrayal of the film’s titular character, making this Eastwood’s most successful film of his career.
The film depicts the life of the legendary American Iraqi War veteran Chris Kyle. This biographical film accurately portrays Kyle’s life as a young adult mentally torn apart by the war between his service to his country and his responsibilities as a father and husband. Unlike what you may hear from Hollywood and the mainstream media, this is not a pro-war propaganda movie. This is a historical war movie that precisely reveals what it is like to live a life of a military legend like Chris Kyle by powerfully demonstrating his dedication to his country, particularly to his fellow soldiers he protected and tried to save.
Through the exemplary acting done by Cooper and Sienna Miller, who portrays the Navy SEAL’s wife Taya, and other supporting actors, the journey of a real life military hero is experienced through watching Kyle’s struggles with PTSD. The two leading actors look almost exactly like the actual people they respectively portray in the film, allowing the movie to succeed at bringing the true impact of the war on Kyle’s family as Cooper’s Texas accent and the British actress Miller’s American accent are perfectly adapted by the film’s lead actor and actress.

The well executed, gut-wrenching action scenes also contribute greatly at bringing to life the true character of Chris Kyle, allowing this new classic war drama of Eastwood’s to exceed at getting viewers to better know the most cherished American military hero of the modern era. The exemplary acting of other supporting characters who play Kyle’s fellow soldiers, especially those whom he saved, also demonstrate the qualities that have made the deadliest American sniper so famous.
Besides keeping you at the edge of your seat, watching the true story of a modern American military legend will touch your heart and leave you with a great appreciation for Kyle’s family as well as the iconic American marksman himself, who was tragically murdered on Feb. 2nd, 2013 by a mentally trouble US marine who he was trying to help.

Despite being rebuffed at the Golden Globes, American Sniper continued to shatter even more records at the box office, The film remained #1 at the box office over the recent Super Bowl weekend, making it gross the highest over a Super Bowl weekend ever. It also took the record for being the highest grossing film to be released in January.

As The Hollywood Reporter puts it, American Sniper is a box office shocker that has galvanized the good will of millions of Americans across the nation from red states, purple states, and blue states alike. No other movie guides audiences through the cycle of an American military hero’s journey other than Eastwood’s latest masterpiece. As Kyle’s wife said, it is another way for her husband to serve. The movie is still currently showing in theaters, so if you find time to watch it, I highly recommend using it.