“What, Care, Me?” America’s youth apathetic


MCT Campus

Photo depicting Palestinians left homeless after Israeli attacks.

Jordan Rice, Staff Writer

By the end of this day over 200 sites in the Gaza Strip will become targets of Israeli missiles.  Thousands of Pakistani citizens will be without a home or place of residence; refugees in a once again war torn region. Perhaps even more shocking is the fact that people in our country and even our community seem completely apathetic.

“Any warring in the Middle East does not directly affect me, so I do not really care,” remarks sophomore Frank F.

As a whole, our proud nation of America is a very nationalistic society. We hold strong to our founding mottos of patriotism and support for one’s country, but as of late, in our country’s short stint on the scene of world politics seem to be torn between caring too much, and caring too little.

“We should let countries solve their own problems,” says junior Alex Rush.” America doesn’t need to be involved.”

In our recent history, there has been an excess of protests and disagreements between our people in regards to the involvement we put forward in foreign affairs. Particularly of note were the protests against military involvement in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Our current situation copies these past events in our government’s willingness to step forward as a sort of police force in our efforts to stabilize the country’s situation and give them an opportunity to govern themselves.

“We should just let them fight it out, the media and our countries involvement is [stupid] and we need to ignore this,” said Chase Chewning, junior.

This chain of action, of course, supports the agenda of freedom and democracy that America attempts to press upon the rest of the world. However, the condition of the Middle East is slightly unlike what our country is used to. Israel, our greatest ally in the area, is the current aggressor against its long time religious and cultural rival Palestine.

“Between Israel and Palestine in terms of who I support, I’d have to side with America and go with Israel.” said sophomore Angad Joshi.

Their continuum of conflict for the past 60 years has been at the forefront of world debate regarding many other countries efforts to usher in long lasting peace.

Israeli forces invaded the coastal area known as the Gaza Strip with the supposed intent of finally driving out the Palestinians and claiming more of the Holy Land for Jewish control. A momentary ceasefire with the resolve to find a peaceful solution between the two warring parties has been called. The U.S. has already expressed their negative views on this matter.