From fab to drab

Niki Nourollahi, Editor-in-Chief

Throughout the years at Parkview, the Sadie Hawkins dance has been a senior spring dance where the girls ask the guys as their dates. It has been a tradition of boys dressing semi-formal anywhere from sweater vests and khaki pants to button up shirts and girls wearing dresses and heels. Sadie’s attire is supposed to be a step down from Homecoming, yet not casual enough to just wear anytime.

I have grown up in the Parkview community and will admit that I was guilty of Facebook stalking the senior girls’ pictures from the Sadie Hawkins dance from eighth grade up, admiring their dresses and looks. It is something I have been anticipating for years and years. This year, I am finally a senior and will get to ask a boy to the dance, which is exciting for sure; however, the rules have changed a little.

It started last year when the seniors of 2013 decided to wear more casual outfits that consisted more of sundresses and Vans instead of the typical nicer dresses and heels. It was not kind of a shock for me, and I hoped the dance would be back to normal my senior year. Sadly, things don’t look so bright.

It has been recently posted on the school website under “Senior Class Announcements” that our Sadie Hawkins dance has been changed to a “Senior Spring Fling” and the attire is casual. What? If it is no longer called Sadie’s…do girls still ask boys? Also, it says that games will be at the “Spring Fling” for us to play with.  I feel as if some of the excitement of the senior Sadie Hawkins dance has been stripped away and left with a silly event that has discouraged seniors.

Michael Craig, senior, stated his opinion on the implications added to the dance saying, “It’s a tradition and a chance to dress nice in a fun way without all the stress that comes with prom.

Abby Criswell, senior, felt the new changes were inconvenient saying, “I already have a dress and have been excited for another opportunity to have a formal event for seniors.”

I agree with them both and believe that the Sadie’s dance should be more formal again regardless of the new changes. The reason for all the changes regarding the dance is because of low turn-out at the event; however, with the senior packets being passed out that night, it seems as if it is in every senior’s best interest to show up and participate.

At the same time, just because it is advised to dress casual does not mean it is a mandatory rule to adhere to. I plan on wearing a more formal dress with heels and so are my friends. I encourage all the seniors to follow my example and stand up for the tradition of the Sadie Hawkins dance.