Modest is hottest

Caroline Williams, Staff Writer

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In high school it is inevitable for some girls to be inappropriately dressed; in the culture we live in, modesty is a “lame” alternative for fashion choices.

 Girls: Less is not always the best. Being modest is not dressing the way your grandmother does, but is not dressing the way your anatomy book presents the body either. Modesty, in my opinion, is being able to balance those ways of dressing.

 Senior Valerie Ward describes her view of modesty as “Tight enough to show you are a girl but loose enough to show you are a lady.”

If you look at yourself in the mirror and you question if your outfit is appropriate, the safest thing is to not wear it and safe the people around you mental scars.

The way a person dresses tells others about themselves. If a person is wearing all black, an outsider might think that the person is either depressed or having a bad day. So if a girl dresses indecently, it can give people mixed messages about her.

Research shows that girls who are not confident in their school work or personality use their body to get attention. This comes down the fact that girls who are more confident in themselves do not need to prove anything by showing off their body; they just know they are awesome. Girls who dress immodestly might be seeking approval from anywhere they can get it, compromising their reputation.

One reason girls dress indecently is to get the opposite sex’s attention. Little do they know most guys would prefer a girl to be dressed more modestly. Senior Zach Langley says, “No guy wants a girl who doesn’t respect herself.”

Junior Chase Kammer agrees with Langley by adding, “I see all those girls in the halls and I don’t understand how their parents even let them out of their house. I see those girls who are hardly wearing anything or showing too much and I know they are not the girl for me. I personally like the girls who take time out of their morning to actually put some clothes on.”

Many other guys agree with these thoughts like Javier Aguilar who thinks it is “ew” when girls dress shamelessly. Sure, a guy might notice you if you are wearing fewer clothes, but he is not going to stay with you for your attire choice.

While sometimes, I admit, an outfit does not look as cute with a random cami or tank top underneath, but it is necessary. Honestly, most people do not want to see everything you have on display, so please cover up!

This issue can also be addressed to guys. I know you all think you are “fye” with your giant cut outs on your shirt, but seriously, armpit hair is not attractive or stylish, so innocent by passers do not need to see that traumatic visual. Guys, if you have muscles worth showing off, girls will be able to see them without the cut outs.